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Servomex MonoExact DF150E

MonoExact DF150E
MonoExact DF150E

Next-Generation Coulometric oxygen analyser, designed for use in a diverse range of industrial applications

The MonoExact DF150E combines Servomex’s latest advances in sensor and analyser design into an advanced platform designed specifically for a range of industrial applications including use in glove boxes, heat treating, solder reflow ovens, laboratory and industrial gas (IG) production.

  • Optimised for process control and product qualification applications
  • Ranges 100, 1,000 and 10,000 ppm ranges available
  • No sensor calibration required
  • Five year warranty on Coulometric sensor
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Oxygen O2Nitrogen N2Argon ArHelium HeHydrogen H2Air Moisture H2OTotal Hydrocarbons THCNon Methane Hydrocarbons NMHCsCarbon Dioxide CO2Carbon Monoxide COAcetylene C2 H2Ethane C2H6Ethylene C2H4Methane Ch4Ammonia Nh3Hydrogen Sulphide H2SKrypton KrXenon XeNeon NeNitric Oxide NONitrous Oxide N20Nitrogen Dioxide NO2Sulphur Dioxide S02Pentane C5 H12Diborane B2H6Ethylene Oxide C2H4O