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NovaCHROM 2000 Gas Chromatograph

Continuous Analysis of Ultra High Purity Argon to ppb levels

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Following on from the success of the AGC Series 100 Argon GC, AGC Instruments introduces the new NovaCHROM 2000 GC. The NovaCHROM 2000 is a culmination of years of experience in high sensitivity Gas Chromatography specific for the Analysis of impurities in an Argon Matrix Gas. It utilises the latest advanced technologies to provide our customers with the precise results they require with the ease of use and support features they expect.

The NovaCHROM 2000 uses an industry proven method of analysis for the quality control of Argon Gas: the Argon Discharge Detector (ADD). Measured Impurities to ppb levels are: H2 , O2 , N2 , CH4 , CO and CO2 . Minimal training is required as the interactive touch screen uses an easy- to-use user interface for guided functionality. This enables the operator to achieve guaranteed applications with ease and ensures that the NovaCHROM 2000 GC provides a top class service to you at all times.

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