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Series 600 Lab Gas Chromatography

Engineered for efficiency in busy Laboratories

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The AGC Series 600 Gas Chromatograph represents a true combination of analytical instrumentation and computer technology. It is the design and implementation of this technology that makes the Series 600 GC a unique instrument. With a computer interface and the ability to interface with up to eight detectors, the Series 600 GC has been engineered for efficiency with a modest footprint for use in an already busy laboratory.


  • Programming Rate of 0.1oC to 40oC/min in 0.1oC increments
  • Fast Oven Cooling of 300oC to 50oC/min in 5 minutes
  • Method Storage of 10 methods with individual security codes Auto Calibration & Diagnostics Systems
  • 8 detectors to choose from
  • EZ-view LCD Display
  • Easy Access for Maintenance

For more details and full specifications please view the PDF datasheet here ››

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