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AquaXact 1688

Aluminium Oxide Moisture Sensor

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The AquaXact 1688 is a rugged ultra-thin film aluminium oxide moisture sensor that enables fast and accurate dew point and ppm H2O measurements of moisture in a wide variety of gas phase process applications. Not only is it a standalone 4-20mA transmitter, but it is also able to be remotely interfaced to the AquaXact 1688 digital controller or any of the Servomex next-generation products. Such as the MonoExact DF310E which has the optional Oxygen % and ppm measurement capabilities.

Replacement Sensor Element: The Al2O3 thin film sensor tip can be replaced by the user and the associated calibration file loaded into the transmitter using the controller, eliminating the return-to-factory calibrations. Yearly field calibration adjustments require only a single gas standard.

Key Features:

    • Dew Point range: -100°C to +20°C
    • High Accuracy +/- 3°C, Repeatability +/- 0.5°C
    • Hazardous Area versions (Zone 2/Div 2) available

Key Applications:

  • Air Separation Units
  • Natural Gas Processing and Transportation
  • Glove Boxes
  • Instrument Air Units
  • Ethylene Production
  • Refining Gases
  • Medical Gases
  • Semiconductors
  • Furnace Gas/Heat Treating
  • Power Generation
  • Air Dryers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace

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