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DF-700 Series

DF-700 Series

TDL Trace Moisture Analyser Range

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DF (High Purity) DF-700 Series

A sophisticated process moisture analyser range offering users the comprehensive solution for trace and ultra-trace moisture measurement, the DF-700 series combines the latest Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDL) technology, a robust measuring cell and a true baseline reference for highly accurate moisture measurement. Includes the new DF-745 SGMax speciality gas and moisture analyser.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional sub-ppb moisture level readings which exceed current UHP moisture measurement requirements 
  • Models include DF-730 (moisture in HCl); DF-740 (moisture in ammonia); DF-745 (high sensitivity 2ppb LDL); DF-745SGMax (specialty gas trace moisture analyser); DF-750 NanoTrace (base model); DF-760 dual oxygen and moisture measurement
  • Second Harmonic detection technology for robustness to particulates contamination

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Associated Products & Parts:

210397 CAP, THREADED ELECTROLYTE TANK BLUE DF Part: 17338580 210431 GASKET, VCR, SS-4-VCR-2-GR, SWAGELOK DF Part: 60300241 210432 FILTER GASKET,SS-4-VCR-2-GR-60M DF Part: 60300268 210462 SNTE0010 NANOTRACE E SENSOR DF Part: SNTE0010 210513 REPLENISHMENT SOLUTION 1 LITER DF Part: 15041310 210515 REPLENISHMENT SOLUTION 100 ML DF Part: 14438950 210574 PCB ASSY, OXYGEN BOARD, DF700 SERIES DF Part: 10424310 210588 K767 REBUILD KIT, OHLEISER CORP. DF Part: 63000004 210592 ASSEMBLY, OXYGEN, BLACK GAS PURIFIER DF Part: 16342030 210593 ASSY, MOISTURE ONLY, GREEN GAS PURIFIER DF Part: 16342050 210595 HARD DRV 80GB WESTERN DIGITAL WD800AAJB DF Part: 58000000 210597 PCB ASSEMBLY,ANALOG POWER SUPPLY, H2O DF Part: 10425870 210606 PUMP, GAST MODEL #LOA-101-HD (240V) DF Part: 63000309 210614 FLOWMETER, DWYER #196085-00 DF Part: 11240361 210622 SPEC., UNIVERSAL KEYPAD DF 700 SERIES DF Part: 11435310 210852 FLOWMETER w/VLV,DWYER #196086-00 DF Part: 11240362 210867 PCB ASSY, H2O SIGNAL CONDITIONING, UTMA DF Part: 10424570 210930 WELDMENT, TRANSDUCER SENSOR OUTLET DF745 DF Part: 14335460 210933 ASSEMBLY, COMPONENT INTEGRATION DF-760 DF Part: 15031560 210959 ASSEMBLY, PRESSURE TRANSDUCER DF700 DF Part: 15232370 210974 ASSEMBLY, COMPUTER DF 700 SERIES DF Part: 15431440 210976 ASSEMBLY, GAS PANEL DF730/DF740 DF Part: 15433110 210981 ASSEMBLY, DOOR DF 700 SERIES DF Part: 15435320 211133 FUSE,3.15A,SB,5X20,2183.15XP,LITTELFUSE DF Part: 45002331 211134 FUSE,6.3A,SB,5X20 021806.3HXP LITTELFUSE DF Part: 45002363 211156 PWR SUPPLY,UTMA,XL125-8 REV. S,N2 POWER DF Part: 47500001 211169 FLASH DRIVE, USB, 4 GB, USM4GL\E, SONY DF Part: 49600512 211208 MASS FLOWMETER, 50K-9-S4, MCMILLAN DF Part: 51310002 211276 PUMP REPAIR KIT, K726-1ATA, #071817, KNF DF Part: 63000005 211278 PUMP, GAST MODEL #LOA-101-HB (120V) DF Part: 63000308 211280 PUMP,KNF NEUBERGER UN726.3ATI 115V/60Hz DF Part: 63000317 211281 PMP,KNF MPU1550-N726.0-9.03 230V/50-60Hz DF Part: 63000318 211284 VALVE,M-SERIES,METERING,NUPRO,SS-4MG DF Part: 65000100 211291 TUBE, POLYETHYLENE, .25 OD x .17 ID DF Part: 73000008 211412 ASSEMBLY, ASPIRATOR DF 700 SERIES 211591 MANUAL DF760 USER DF Part: 99000032 211592 MANUAL DF750 USER DF Part: 99000033 211594 MANUAL DF740 USER DF Part: 99000035 ELECTROLYTE_GOLD ELECTROLYTE GOLD DF Part: 14438892
DF-700 Series
DF-700 Series
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