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Spectra Scan 2400

Spectra Scan 2400

Real-time light Hydrocarbon Gas Analyser

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SERVOTOUGH (Hazardous Area) Spectra Scan 2400

A real time optical analyser utilizing the precisive field proven optical bench, the SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan delivers a breakthrough capability in the continuous analysis of light hydrocarbons C1-C5+.

Key Features:

  • Tunable band-pass filter enables simultaneous scanning of selected wavelength bands for gases including Methane, Ethane, Propane and iso-Butane
  • Unique tunable filter process with IR photometer technology delivers industry-leading interference compensation
  • Chemometric algorithm provides a permanent span calibration, low cross-interference (<0.2%), linear response and high baseline stability
Spectra Scan 2400
Spectra Scan 2400
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