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ServoPro 4000 Series

SERVOPRO (Safe Area) 4100

Offering the capability of measuring CO, CO2, N2O, CH4 and moisture at trace levels and CO, CO2 and CH4 at percent levels - as well as an O2 purity measurement - the flexibility of the SERVOPRO 4100 meets a wide range of process control and product qualification needs.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous measurement of up to four gas streams
  • Independent auto calibration of all measurements with up to 8 isolated analogue outputs and up to 12 relays with follow or freeze option
  • Alarm, fault and calibration history logs

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SERVOPRO (Safe Area) 4200/4210

The SERVOPRO 4200 multigas analyser is designed to monitor flammable gas samples including H2/CO, ‘HYCO’ or ‘Syngas’ mixtures for trace level contaminants and percent level components. The 4200 offers oxygen control using Servomex’s unique paramagnetic cell, trace level measurement of CO, CO2, N2O and CH4 using photometric sensor technology, and IR technology for measurement of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane at percent levels.

Key Features:

  • Measures up to four gases simultaneously
  • RS232 / RS485 and Modbus communications
  • 4210 variant includes stainless steel pipework

SERVOPRO (Safe Area) 4900

The SERVOPRO 4900 is specifically designed for the Continuous Emissions Monitoring, where legislation requires the measurement of several gas components in flue gas. The 4900 offers multigas capability for pollutants, greenhouse gases and reference O2, including O2, CO, CO2, NO, SO2, CH4, N2O.

Key Features:

  • Low maintenance and cost of ownership
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • MCERTS / TÜV approved measurements

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Associated Products & Parts:

00700922 Connector Assembly Right Angle 00703000 Zr703 Zirconia O2 Cell 00704000 Zr704 Zirconia O2 Cell, Low-Activity 02000906B 2 x mA + Relays SMT Option PCB 04000002C Service Manual (Model C) 04000416 Flowmeter Block, Sample 04000417 Flowmeter Block, Bypass 04000934A Ribbon Cable Assembly, 300mm 04000934B Ribbon Cable Assembly, 550mm 04000937A 1156 Ribbon Cable 200mm 04000937C 1156 Ribbon Cable 500mm 04000937D 1156 Ribbon Cable 750mm 04000937E Pm+B5690 Ribbon Cable 250mm 04000942 Fan Assembly, External 04000943 Fan Assembly Internal (Papst) 04000955 Filter Assembly, Oil / Particulates 04100002B 4100 Service Manual (Model B) 04900002B 4900 Service Manual 2377-3831 Filter SS, 2um, 1/8" Connections 2377-3848 Filter Element, S/S, 2 micron 2388-1981 Filter Element (80mm), 100mm x 90mm Fan 2527-3034 Module Power Cable 7 Way 350mm 2527-3041 Module Power Cable 7 Way 2531-2298 Fuse 20mm QAHB 2.5A IEC127 F 4961-1159 Transformer 608/326 Power 4961-1166 Transformer 608/327 Power S0700912 Zr700 Zirconia PCB (4 Layer) S1210701 Gfx 50 vpm CO, Spare S1210701A Gfx 1000 vpm CO, Spare S1210701B Gfx 0-10/50ppm CO, Spare S1210701C Gfx 0-10/50ppm CO, O2 BGround, Spare S1210702 Gfx 200 vpm CO, Spare S1210702A Gfx 5000vpm CO, Spare S1210702A Gfx 5000vpm CO, Spare S1210711A Gfx 100 vpm SO2, Spare S1210712 Gfx 500 vpm SO2, Spare S1210712A Gfx 10,000vpm SO2 (Tested) S1210721 Gfx 100 vpm NO, Spare S1210721A Gfx 2000 vpm NO, Spare S1210731 Gfx 5 vpm CO2, Spare S1210731A Gfx 500 vpm CO2, Spare S1210731C Gfx 0-50/500ppm CO2, O2 BGround, Spare S1210741 Gfx 50 vpm N2O, Spare S1210741C Gfx 0-50/500ppm N2O, O2 BGround, Spare S1210751 Gfx 50 vpm CH4, Spare S1210903 Kit, Housekeeping PCB Spare S1210923 Kit, IR Source S1210936A Kit Gas Cell Assembly (Long, New) S1210936B Kit Gas Cell Assembly (Short, New) S1210941 Kit, All 01210 Gfx Scrubbers S1210995 Kit, (New) Optical Windows Spare S1210996 Kit, Gfx1210 Fuses Spare S1210997 Kit, Optical Windows Spare S1210998 Kit, Optical Mirror S1210998A Kit, Optical Mirror S2000924 Sensor Interface PCB S2000925 Spare Power Supply Unit (ATEX) S4000423 Calibration manifold, spare S4000424 Kit, Spare Rack Mounting Brackets S4000425 Spanner, Filter (Spare) S4000816 External Autocal Upgrade Kit S4000901 Mother PCB, 3 Option S4000904 Terminal PCB Assembly SCRW Spare S4000907 External Autocal PCB Assembly Spare S4000924 Multiplexer PCB Assembly S4000933 Kit, Keypad Ribbon Cable Spare S4000936 Mains Cableform Assembly Spare S4000950A Ir1520 Transducer Assembly 100% CO2 S4000950B Ir1520 Transducer Assembly 50% CO2 Spare S4000950C Ir1520 Transducer Assembly 25% CO2 S4000950D Ir1520 Transducer Assembly 10% CO2 S4000950E Ir1520 Transducer Assembly 5% CO2 Spare S4000950F Ir1520 Transducer Assembly 2.5% CO2 S4000950G Ir1521 Transducer Assembly 100% CH4 Spar S4000950H Ir1521 Transducer Assembly 50% CH4 Spare S4000950J Ir1521 Transducer Assembly 25% CH4 Spare S4000950L Ir1522 Transducer Assembly 100% CO S4000950M Ir1522 Transducer Assembly 50% CO S4000950N Ir1522 Transducer Assembly 25% CO Spare S4000950P Ir1522 Transducer Assembly 10% CO Spare S4000950S Ir1520 Transducer Assembly 1% CO2 Spare S4000950T Ir1521 Transducer Assembly 5% CH4 Spare S4000950V Ir1520 Transducer Assy 5000vpm CO2 Spare S4000950W Ir1520 Transducer Assy 2500vpm CO2 Spare S4000950X Ir1522 Transducer Assembly 2.5% CO Spare S4000950Y Ir1522 Transducer Assembly, 1% CO S4000954 Kit, Spare Needle Valve S4000961 Modbus Update Kit - 02000912 Fitted S4000962 Modbus Update Kit - 02000902A Fitted S4000971 Kit, 0.5-2.5l Flowmeter S4000974 Kit, Solenoid Valve Spare S4000975B Kit, Viton Tubing Refurbishment Spare S4000976 Kit, Feet Tip Up, Grey Spare S4000977 Kit, Fuse S4000978 Kit, Fuse Mains 170-264Vac Spare S4000979 Kit, Fuse Mains 85-132Vac Spare S4000980 Kit, Front Facia Assembly Spare S4000981 Kit, 0.5-5l Flowmeter S4000982 Kit, 50-500ml Flowmeter S4000984 Rack Mount Kit, Short Chassis S4000985 Rack Mount Kit, Long Chassis S4000986 Kit, Socket 14 Way Signal Spare S4000986A Kit, Socket 14Way Option PCB Spare S4000986B Kit, Socket 7Way Ext. Autocal Spare S4000987 Kit, Fine Filter Cap Spare S4000988 Kit, Filter Elements 6 micron Spare S4000990 Control PM Module Spare S4000991 Control PM Module, Pump Bay Spare S4000992 Basic Paramagnetic Module Spare S4000993 Basic PM Module, Pump Bay Spare S4000997 Spare Internal Filter Kit S4100902 4100/995 Heater Plate Spare S4100924 Restrictive T Assembly (Zr) Spare S4100925 Restrictive T Assembly (Gfx) Spare S4100993 Zirconia Assembly, Zr703 Spare S4100994 Zirconia Assembly, Zr704 Spare S4100995A Oxygen Purity Module, Spare S4200990 Control IS PM Module Spare SPR410 Calibration Valve Kit (PD) SPR411 Calibration Valve Kit (FD)
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